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Sometimes things do go wrong and we will try our best to sort this out and get products to you in perfect condition. If you have emailed us but not received an answer please check your junk mail folder as sometimes our email ends up in your spam folder due to Gmail and Hotmail security. 

To keep track of all questions we prefer to receive emails so please contact us using the information below and please do wait a few hours for reply as sending multiple emails will just confuse the system and cause delays.


We Prefer Email:

Call us on +1 503 298 4670 leave a message.


Do you have anything to do with Shipsfromtexas or any other US website?

We have nothing to do with any website or business based in the USA as we are a UK based business based in Windsor , 20 miles west of London. We have nothing to do with these other companies and if you have ordered from them then please take your disputes to them and please don't contact us with regards to them as we cannot help you.

How come you sell the same products?

We have some best selling products that other companies have taken it upon themselves to copy and sell at vast discounts with no intention of supplying. Yes we all buy from the same suppliers but we do our best to deliver in the timescales set out in our shipping terms.

We spend far too much money on advertising to waste it not supplying goods to our customers. If there is a problem we will do our best to fix it.

If you have any questions about your order or these scam websites then please contact us on