Italian and Turkish Bags

Italian and Turkish Bags

We wanted to tell you a bit more about out Italian leather bags range and also our Ozzell bags. As you may be aware Italy is renowned for its quality leather goods and some of the biggest names in fashion herald from the country.

We are happy to report that our Italian leather bag range comes from our manufacturer in Florence and each shows the Made In Italy tag in each bag.

With some of the big guys now making their most expensive bags in China and India it's great to know our bags are still made in Italy. There is nothing wrong with products made in China and India and we do sell a number of very exceptional item made in both countries. Think your iPad or iPhone designed in the US but made in China. Times are changing and the quality of goods from these Asian countries gets better and better over time.

Also we are happy to report that our Ozzell bags are produced for us in factories in Turkey , again another country known for its quality leather goods. We have a good relationship with this manufacturer and know fully the lifecycle of their bags and have first offers on their new designs so if you do choose a premium leather bag from Ozzell you can be sure that you are getting an exclusive design that very few people globally have access to.

We can't speak highly enough about the quality of these products so if you care more about quality than a brand name then please try out these handmade beauties that are made with the softest sheep leather.

We will be bringing you more high quality suppliers in the future once we secure deals with them and you can expect more fantastic designs for both ladies and gents. 

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